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(B.Braun Holding - Member of the Board)


"It is always a pleasure to work with D-Verse Consulting.

Beyond the relaxed atmosphere and  the extremly high efficiency of the cooperation I really appreciate the structured way of thinking of the coaches by all types of challenges. 


The results of the common work show, that the taylor-made solutions D-Verse Consulting offers ensure a continuous improvement for an organisation regardless in which sector it operates.

I can only recommend them to everybody in a leading position, who feels responsible to bring the best out of all employees."

DNy HR manager (Mazars)


"D-Verse consulting has been a committed partner of Mazars for 6 years now. It is the personality, the professional expertise and the extensive HR consulting experience of the D-verse team, in particular of Edit Hoppál-Kovács, that provides a solid basis for our long-term partnership.

We cooperated several times with Edit Hoppál-Kovács, lead consultant of D-Verse Consulting, for business coaching of our leadership team as part of their development program.

The coaching program was a great success due to the professional knowledge and expertise of the coach, and her extensive knowledge about our organization, our culture, and the leadership style of or management team she gained in the course of our partnership and cooperation.

Each year the implementation of our HR goals provide further possibilities for cooperation with D-Verse Consulting. Last time we worked together on the development and implementation of our mentoring program, and we also developed and conducted a series of workshops for our X and Y Generation personnel with Edit and her team.

During the long years of cooperation with D –Verse Consulting, our leadership and HR team developed a very good and close relationship with Edit so they regularly ask for her professional guidance and advise for their personal use in areas which are out of the scope of our contracted projects."

Zs M General Manager
(Tchibo Budapest)

"As General Manager of Tchibo, my primary focus is to provide a working environment for our organization which is inspiring for our colleagues, where they can explore their capabilities and experience the fact that their work has an impact on shaping of our company.

In return we expect them to do their best and stretch themselves in their everyday work – for which the whole management team serves as a role model, as well as provides personalized support for the colleagues.

We have a 5-year partnership with Edit, Managing Director of D-Verse Consulting.

The biggest support for me besides her extensive HR professional knowledge is her wide range of tools and techniques, which she uses in a creative way when we try to find a solution for a problem.

The very first success and most important result of our cooperation with her was the creation of our professionally very strong and cohesive top management team, characterized with the spirit of trust and support.

In our current project we work together with Edit on the development of our middle management team – so that they as a team achieve the same level as our top management as soon as possible."

DSz  HRM (UniCredit Retail)


"UniCredit Bank started its partnership with D-Verse Consulting in 2012. Our first common project was the sales excellence development program for our sales teams of the direct sales division (60 employees). We continued our work in 2013 with our leadership development program for our leaders/management (140 branch managers and regional leaders).  After a thorough diagnosis process we developed a comprehensive and very structured training program targeting the necessary development areas. At the end of the training – based on the feedback of the participants -  it was obvious that we should continue it.


Besides the leadership training D-Verse Consulting also provided sales awareness training for our branch office employees as well.

Each time Edit proposed a training syllabus which always gave an adequate response for our needs. In the course of the training she provided real-life examples and useful tools and techniques for the participants so that they can utilize them easily in their everyday work.

The feedback of the participants was always very positive both about the content of the program and professional expertise of the trainer, Edit Hoppál-Kovács."

Generali Group
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