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Personal Development

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Business Coaching


Business coaching is a kind of innovative professional self-development. With the help of this method, the leader concerned gets a personal coach who works with him/her in close collaboration during the learning period. The participant is guided by professionally competent questions.


Therefore our coaching is a learning process based on personal experience. The leader is supported to better understand the mechanism of his/her own way of thinking, and to get more deeply acquainted with his/her inner resources. The more productive and successful we are individually the more successful our organization will be.

Some examples of diagnostic tools:

  • 360 degree evaluation

  • DISC test

  • Johari-window

  • Document analysis

  • Problemmap

  • Keeping a diary/administering

  • Creative writing

The individual coaching sessions normally last for 90 minutes.
The team coaching sessions generally last for 3-4 hours. The time between the sessions has to be about the same period. This process is about 10-12 sessions.

Team Coaching


Team coaching allows people to see how they can limit conflicts and strengthen underlying relations to better work together. The emphasis lies on the way in which people communicate and get along with each other. By improving this, the team can focus its energy on its work and achieving its goals.

Quintessence is especially experienced in guiding change processes within and between teams. Depending on your request and assignment, we are happy to fill the role of team coach, mediator or facilitator. In doing so, we apply the principles of purple management. This means we take the mission of the organisation and that of the individual into account, to make the team operate cohesively, functionally and constructively.

Carreer Coaching


Where should we keep on at important professional crossroads in my life?

This is a colorful and exciting topic: can we lead the creative energies behind the sail so it can take off? Can we make strong decisions when we arrive to turning points in our professional or personal life? Are we in the right place? If no, how should we go and discover, with what strategies can we find an inspirational work environment, where we can culminate and do something valuable for both ourselves and the company?

As consultants, we have been studying the answers to these questions for years, sharing ideas with those, whom are ready to experience, then step out of their own boundaries.

The possible phases, modules of the career coaching: (usually 3x2 hours)

  • Problem-map discovering, first meeting (free) CV and motivational letter

  • Personal Branding Trial interview

  • The efficient use of the ways of searching

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