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In most industries, under current economic conditions, human resources management is one of the main catalysts of success. A workplace can be a place of creative, joyful cooperation, where communication, transparent working and assertiveness of coworkers can create a supportive and creative atmosphere.


As counselors, we believe that through the development of human capital, we can help our partners reach their goals. Thinking together with our clients, we aim to create a long-term partnership.

Focusing on diagnostics
We think that diagnosis is an essential basis for development and consultancy. Our team approaches each project in a complex way, maintaining our focus on the organizational development in collaboration with our partners.
In order to better understand an organization's strategies, we make detailed studies so that we can offer solutions that best meet our partner's expectations.
Our consulting-trainer team consists of 5-7 people who typically work on long-term projects of value creation. We prefer applying programs that help leaders to strengthen and build on their employees' inner motivation, self-esteem and self-realization. We believe that in order to work in a professional way it is essential to consciously apply empathy in every decision making and performance evaluation.
The effects of our interventions produced on the organization are tracked by the so-called Quantified Organization system of measuring and process maintaining. Besides that we offer online devices to visually demonstrate these effects.
We support the process until it becomes a habit. Sales Force Audit is a repertoire of methods, created by us, to open up new dimensions in identifying the hidden factors that influence the company's sales efficiency index. Thanks to this we are able to make a specific development plan to activate the reserves for the sake of a permanent result.
Fields of Expertise:

Competency Evaluation

Organisation Development

Business and Team Coaching

Leadership Programs

Innovative HR Solutions

Climate Survey

LCP Survey

Management Audit

Sales Force EP

Business Consulting

Mentoring System

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