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Leadership Programs

An efficient program in training leaders has to affect in a complex way, considering several factors. It is of paramount importance, to develop the proficiency needed for effective work, to increase motivation and to open the participants to change, development and quality improvement, while promoting the companies’ expectations.


As a supplier, we do not offer simple training programs, but other, synergistic methods, solutions to solve the problem, to reach a particular goal and to achieve the expected change.

In all cases, previous to the collaboration, there is a survey, which allows the customization of the methods.


We have the competency test done, and based on the results, we determine the skills that can be improved and we put a training plan together. Thus the emphasis and the depth of the topics form, taking needs and previous experiences into account.

Afterwards we have an impact assessment done, which tests the practical application of those skills and that knowledge acquired previously; also measuring the efficiency of the training in the long run.

The immediate use of the new skills gives solid feedback to the participants of the program. They own experiences lead them to recognitions; they maybe would not have without this feedback.

Managerial competencies

Development and refinements of a managerial competency system,
Measuring competencies


  • Development Center, 360 degree evaluation

  • Video-supported, special competency evaluation
    in real life situations

  • DISC / analysis of the behavioral style at work

  • Hogan tests / leader profile


Some of our themes


Individual and group development projects

The leader as a coach
The leader as a mentor
EQ at work
Leadership - empowerment
Situational leadership
Motivational and communication tools in practice

Process Communication Model

Six Hats Model

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